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3 Ways to Identify Phishing Links and Websites

Phishing is a strategy used to trick individuals into providing proprietary data. The goal is to allow “phishers” access to passcodes connected with bank accounts or other information that can be used to steal identities, open credit card accounts, or drain bank accounts. 

IT Disasters That Can Put You Out of Business

Few business owners could survive without secure and safe internal networks. What you may not realize is that some common oversights could be enough to incapacitate your network and put the company in danger. Here are some examples of disasters you want to avoid at all costs:

What are Managed IT Services: (And How Do They Differ From IT Support Services?)

As a business owner, you know the importance of having a team capable of handling every aspect of your operations. That includes the Information Technology systems that are so essential to the day to day function of your company. Lately, you’ve been looking into ways to improve the network and the support but you are not sure what to do. Should you go with managed IT services or opt for someone who offers IT support services? Here is what you need to know about each approach before making a decision.

What are the Most Malicious Threats to Cyber Security in the Next Few Years?

There’s nothing new about malicious software. Referred to as malware, the software is designed to do everything from disrupt network operations to bring down websites. It can also be used for data collection and even holding business owners hostage by demanding to only restore sites for a price. Now is the time to think about what sort of threats could be coming your way and working with a professional who offers business IT support services in Toronto to head them off. Here are some examples of what to expect in the way of threats and how to protect yourself from them.

Better IT Infrastructure for Your Small Business

When updating your business IT infrastructure for 2017, there is a wide range of hardware, software, and network resources that are valuable to the successful management of your business. Whether it’s how your employees use existing technology to work with clients or across departments or how you source and protect the data you have already acquired, improving your IT Infrastructure should be top priority for your business this year.

Ensure Safety of Private Data with Secure Business Email

Email has become an important and crucial tool for businesses everywhere. Because of this, having a secure email server is more important than ever and securing proper protection can reduce the number of cyber-attacks your business faces. Here are four ways to strengthen the security of your business email. 

Facts About Cyber Attacks Every SMB Needs to Know

Cyber criminals look to attack any business with weak security in place. As a business owner, you want to protect your IT systems and network infrastructure as a whole. Having the right technology can help, but it is simply not enough to prevent and protect your business from cyber threats. Before you venture into developing a security plan for your business, consider these facts about cyber security and the solutions you need to consider when protecting your business.

Phishing Scams at Work and Solutions to Prevent This Cyber Crime

Phishing attacks are one of the most common ways information thieves try to gain information about your business. These types of scams trick people into giving access to a computer (or entire system) through an embedded link, a phone call, or software that gets downloaded in the process. Basically, if your business uses email, social media, the internet, or the phone, you are at risk for a phishing attack. Here are solutions you need to prevent phishing attacks from infecting your system.

How to Develop a Cyber Security Culture in Your Organization

Staying safe in the digital world is becoming a more pressing need as the benefits, as well as the dangers of failing to do so, become more apparent. While the technological breakthroughs in the areas of data security, IT support, and other related fields can protect your organization from complex threats, you must also mobilize your staff in your company’s cyber security efforts.

Small Business Collaboration Tool Overview

Organizations can only grow when members are able to communicate and understand one another effectively. The ability to channel the focus of an entire team allows complex problems to be solved – and this helps small businesses expand.

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Is your organization ready to enhance its employee productivity?

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