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Basic IT & Computer Security Measures Every Small Business Should Take

Some small business managers assume their organization isn’t being targeted by cyber criminals. Taking that stance assumes that most cyber criminals look to focus their efforts on larger organizations, as this allows them to steal larger amounts of information. However, as is becoming increasingly apparent, not even small businesses are safe in the complex world of cyber threats.

Recent Threat to Hydro One Showcases Potential Cyber Threat to Canadian Business

Advanced and Persistent Threats (APT's) are growing exponentially as new ways to disrupt servers for nefarious purposes becomes a growing issue. While these threats tend to wreak havoc on small businesses who may not know how to equip themselves to prohibit such attacks, occasionally a larger business showcases a loophole that cyber criminals can exploit which can create reason for concern.

4 Computer-Related Disasters and How to Respond to Them

Computers and online networks have become the backbone of commerce and business in 2016. Even in our personal lives, having a computer is no longer an “IF” but a “how many” proposition. Using a computer can bring with it annoying, and at times, possibly disastrous issues.

Justifying Costs of Preventative IT Programs

As Advanced and Persistent Threats (APTs) continue to grow, it becomes even more important for businesses to invest in high-quality preventative IT programs to protect themselves and their devices. A cyber-attack can have a detrimental impact on businesses both big and small, at times creating crippling financial implications.

4 Security Threats That Loom in the Mobile Age

With the number of mobile users increasing by the minute, people have become more dependent on their smartphones as a primary way to access the internet. As the technologically-advanced world continues to spin on its digital axis, there are some things users should be aware of when it comes to malicious mobileware and security threats.

What Type of Data Are Cyber Criminals Looking to Steal from You?

It seems that almost every day, there’s another high-profile hack or cyber security breach that people need to be aware of. As the internet becomes increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives (smart home monitoring, cloud-based data storage, building automation systems, etc.) any threat to that infrastructure due to hacking, theft, and the addition of malicious software by cybercriminals can lead to personal and professional disaster.

A Look Back at Cyber Security Awareness Month

Annually, the month of October is used to drive Cyber Security Awareness. With much less fanfare than the pink-coloured Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the information that is shared during this month can serve as a reminder to individuals and companies about what is needed to ensure your activity is safe and secure online. Which for a business, can mean the difference between being in business and being paralyzed in downtime due to an attack.

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Is your organization ready to enhance its employee productivity?

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