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Maximize Your Business Potential by Outsourcing IT

One of the biggest advantages that large corporations have over small to midsize companies is the ability to employ their own sizable IT departments. Their advantage is a sizable budget that allows them to stay on the cutting edge of technology and security developments. This can leave smaller companies struggling to stay competitive, and take their focus off of their core business to devote more money and manpower to infrastructure.

The Danger of Downtime and How Much it can Cost Your Business

Downtime: the dreaded result of IT issues within a company’s infrastructure. Downtime is a costly problem that can detract from finances and reflect negatively on a company’s brand and services. The effects of downtime will be a little different for every unique business, but the consequences usually amount to the same thing.

Protect Your Business with Data Backup Best Practices

When many small businesses think about IT, their first concerns are how to affordably secure their network and how to install, maintain, and update the software they require. These are very important concerns indeed, but there is another important key to an effective IT solution for small businesses that is often overlooked: data backup.

Cyberattacks have Costly Consequences for Business

Advanced and Persistent Threats (APTs) have grown exponentially in 2016, in terms of malware variants and the number of perpetrators taking advantage of Canadian small businesses. Of the disturbing number of attacks on businesses this year, 75% of them involved malicious intent.

What Are the Typical IT Challenges Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Face Today?

Common Challenges of Growing Businesses in the Area of IT

Every business has its own obstacles to overcome on the road to success. In a competitive market, small and mid-sized companies must understand the issues facing their organization and work to generate a sustainable advantage over their competitors. When it comes to IT, CIOs can’t afford to fail.

Cyber Security Threats in 2016

Current Threats to Data Security

As a greater emphasis is placed on storing and maintaining important data, the amount of risk surrounding its security has also multiplied. While proper data management can help a business excel, sensitive information can make any organization a target. The digital age has brought about new possibilities for commerce, communication, and data analysis. Doing so has also created new risks.

Common IT Department Mistakes That Lead to Great Loss in a Company

IT Errors That Can Lead to Major Organizational Problems

If you own a business, it can be easy to let certain objectives become lost in the shuffle. Even if you’re dedicated to staying on top of things and handling the most pressing concerns in your organization, there are some functions which often fail to get the attention they deserve. One of these is the pressing matter of proper IT management.

Small Business IT Essentials: Anti-Spam and Antivirus Protection

Guarding Against IT Threats at a Small Business

Building a successful organization means ensuring that only authorized parties can access important information. Keeping your systems safe is vital for expansion, but threats like viruses and spam pose a serious risk to productivity and growth.

How Has Cloud Changed The Game For Business?

One of the biggest ways that cloud computing has changed how people do business involves online collaboration. Entire teams have become accustomed to having access to the same files; some of them spanning the globe. Over the years, platforms of this type have been used for client presentations, quarterly earnings meetings, major announcements to the press, and even new customer orientation classes. The key is the use of a collaboration platform that possesses a few essential qualities. Here are some features that are included in the best platforms.

Tips For Faster WiFi in Your Office

It’s hard to imagine an office environment where anything less than fast WiFi is acceptable. Even people who telecommute and work out of a home office need speed to participate in online conferences and simply get things done. If the response seems to be sluggish, here are some areas to explore in order to improve signal strength.

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Is your organization ready to enhance its employee productivity?

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