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A Review of Windows 10 Since Launch

Last July, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 and a different way of providing Windows service to its customers. Although there were some concerns over this upgrade, initial reviews of the program itself have been favorable. Since it was marketed as free to certain users, the initial response from many computer consultants was to wait and see how well users did accept this latest Windows upgrade. So six months later, how is Microsoft doing with Windows 10? Reviews are definitely on the positive side, although there are still users who are delaying to upgrade to remain in better control of their computer services.

What Do You Understand About the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a concept that addresses the growing use of the internet on more devices and how these devices connect and interact. It is a concept that has been around since early 2000 and continues to change daily along with the internet. The concepts within the IoT are important for those needing business IT services, since IT services in general continue to change along with the internet. This means that in order to have the best managed IT services, a company must understand the basics of the IoT, and how things are likely to change and affect their own business.

You Need to be Protected from the Locky Ransomware

Ransomware is malicious software that embeds itself on a user’s computer, encrypting the data and demanding that a fee be paid for an encryption key. Recently, a new ransomware threat called ‘Locky’ has been identified and is rapidly spreading in a very short amount of time. A large number of systems have been affected thus far, which illustrates the critical need for ransomware protection for all computers. Using safe internet practices is the best way for a business to avoid falling victim to Locky. In addition, the protection afforded by using informed internet security services can help avoid becoming yet another casualty of Locky or any other ransomware.

Important Advice to Increase Your Business Internet Security

Internet security is a serious concern for businesses and anyone else who is online. As the number of businesses online has drastically increased, so have the threats companies face in their efforts to keep networks and data safe. Firewall protection is an important part of internet security services; however, a firewall is not enough to keep all data safe. Using the tips below, businesses can determine how well their networks are protected and make appropriate changes if more security is needed.

Why Your Small Business Needs VoIP Services

VoIP phone services are a great tool for businesses, saving money by inexpensively providing many important features. Although many larger companies need this to manage a great number of phone lines, VoIP services also benefit small companies. Considering the many features that can be integrated into internet phone services, small businesses using VoIP gain more than just affordable communications.

Understanding Why Your Company Needs Managed I.T. Services

In today’s computerized and internet business landscape, managed IT services play an important role in business success. Cost is always a prime concern for companies, and in-house IT is still common. Yet IT needs have changed over the years, making this job much more challenging for in-house IT departments. As business IT becomes broader and more complex, needing effective managed IT services has never been greater.

Computer Services

Knowing What Your Business Needs

Getting the most from business computer services requires understanding what services a company needs – and no two companies needs are ever the same. Each business requires different levels of help with their computers. For maximum IT efficiency, a company must find an IT services provider that can help them determine individual IT needs and understand the important aspects of IT management and its challenges.

Why Computer Services Rely on Cloud Storage for Data Backup

Cloud computer services have quickly become a mainstay in business IT services for many important reasons. A primary cloud service that is both affordable and efficient is cloud storage and data backup services. Although cloud storage alone should not the sole means of disaster recovery, data backup to the cloud is now an essential part of every company’s data accessibility, protection, and disaster planning.

Managed I.T. Security

A New Role for Managed I.T. Services

Keeping up with IT services is difficult for most companies, making outsourcing a more desirable and efficient option. As internet business operation increase, so does cyber crime. It is a risk that all businesses now face, making data security a top priority for companies. Like managed IT services, data security is an issue that cannot be ignored and must always be kept current. The best answer for most businesses is with complete managed IT security – IT services that include full network and digital security options.

Ransomware Protection

What You Need To Know

Ransomware is malware that can attack any computer. It is a costly computer security threat that is becoming more prevalent in today’s world. This harmful software can easily download on any computer, and is difficult – if not impossible to remove – unless a crack is created. Ransomware has cost companies millions of dollars in lost data and paid ransoms. Because the threat of data lost to ransomware is so real, and there is nothing that can be done about it after the fact, both ransomware protection and education provided by a local, trusted internet security services company is essential to avoid becoming a victim.

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