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Data Security in 2016

Part of Business I.T. Services

As a new year begins, it is important for businesses to consider their business IT services in terms of data security, and keeping their company and clients safe. With most businesses now doing at least some business online, and more people sharing their personal information than ever before, a company has the responsibility to keep that information safe with the proper IT services. There are new security threats every day, so each company must evaluate their current level of data security and do what they need to do to keep their information safe.

VoIP Phone Services

Why It's Your Best Business Choice

As the landscape of business IT continues to change and grow, companies have more and better products available for them to choose from every day. VoIP phone services are one such product! Since this technology has quickly improved, VoIP has become one of the better decisions that a company can make. VoIP is the phone system of today and the future, providing many benefits over traditional landline phone services. These systems can help a business get – and stay ahead.


Is It Really Safe for My Company?

Considering the available features and a lower cost than wireless or land lines, it is no wonder that business VoIP is becoming an extremely popular mode of business communication. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is fast, easy, and has much to offer that standard phone services simply cannot provide. Yet many people may wonder if VoIP is secure. It is certainly a valid question for a business looking to use VoIP phone services, with good reason. Anything done using the internet requires special attention be paid to security, including VoIP services.

Cloud Computing, Passwords, and Malware

Don't Be Hacked!

As cloud computing and storage of digital data is on the rise, so are threats to this data. Many companies are finally beginning to see the many benefits that cloud computing services offer. There is still one area companies continue to fully grasp – internet security. To get the most benefit from cloud computing services without facing security issues, it is essential for a company to understand how information can be compromised and take the proper steps to prevent that from happening. Whether working with a professional IT service computer company or handling cloud services in-house, let your business take some tips from the experts and keep all data safely stored in the cloud with the right anti-malware protection.

Outsourcing I.T. Services

What Are The Rewards?

IT is one of the most important resources for today’s successful business to get the most service for the money being spent. Smaller companies in particular need to budget carefully, which has made the concept of internal IT services initially more attractive. In reality, outsourcing to an IT company is very efficient and cost effective for most businesses for a number of reasons.

An In-Depth Look at the Role of Business I.T. Consultants

In today’s competitive business landscape, having the right IT services is essential for good productivity. While this may seem obvious, many businesses do not really understand the ways in which IT can help them or what services are available. Companies looking for the best IT options to better utilize technology budgets can benefit greatly by working with experienced business IT consultants. With the help of such experts, businesses can find the technology that will serve them best as well as how to best implement it.

When Computers Crash

Call Data Recovery Services

Catastrophic data loss may be one of the most disastrous and detrimental things that could happen to a business. When computer systems crash, loss of vital business information, such as financial and customer data, can cause massive problems for a company. Unfortunately, many businesses are at a high risk for such a loss because they do not have the right computer services in place that include reliable data recovery services. Unfortunately, many companies often learn the hard way that their business information is not properly protected; however, there is an easy solution – a good data recovery plan.

Business Accounting Systems

Use Online Accounting Software

Of all the various business needs, accounting software is one of the staples every business depends on. What used to be done in ledger books and later various business applications is now done online; business accounting systems and software have taken to the web and the Cloud. Online accounting systems may seem no different than any other accounting software; however, there are a number of benefits for today’s working world. Companies looking for efficient accounting applications should consider available online options.

Best Ways to Avoid Ransomware Issues on Your Computer

Ransomware is a threat to many computers today, and businesses are a particular target of these malicious programs. Because it is designed to lock down a computer until the owner pays a ransom to get a key to unlock information, ransomware can cost companies millions of dollars and lost revenue if sensitive information is lost. Because this threat is very real, internet security is of the utmost importance. Having the right internet security to prevent data breaches and other security threats, as well as ransomware protection, must be a high priority for every company.

What You Need to Know About Business VoIP Services

In addition to computer technology, phone services are a business necessity that is vital to daily company operations. Gone are the days when a business could rely on just a few incoming lines and desk phones to conduct company business. The modern needs of expanded phone service has made VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, an ideal resource for companies of all sizes. Business VoIP services as a part of overall business IT has become an efficient, productive way to achieve desired results. More companies are switching to VoIP for their business communications needs.

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Is your organization ready to enhance its employee productivity?

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