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A Look Back at Cyber Security Awareness Month

Annually, the month of October is used to drive Cyber Security Awareness. With much less fanfare than the pink-coloured Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the information that is shared during this month can serve as a reminder to individuals and companies about what is needed to ensure your activity is safe and secure online. Which for a business, can mean the difference between being in business and being paralyzed in downtime due to an attack.

Which is what made the October 21st DDoS attack on Zyn such a stark reminder of why awareness is critical as we continuously dive further into a fully digital era of data storage and collection.

Thrust into the spotlight were terms like IoT (Internet of Things) as we learned that the attack was more than likely perpetrated using a bot that infiltrated items like home dishwashers, thermostats and even alarm clocks and mobilized them to help take down the DNS servers at Zyn temporarily.

This event highlighted just how quickly things can become chaotic should precautions not be in place – and, unfortunately, it outlined just how panicked people can become should their private information be susceptible to theft from others.

That fear of what happens when sensitive information gets in the wrong hands was another hot topic, as a study was released outlined the immense impact that ransomware has had on companies in the US & Canada.

In Q1 alone, it’s estimated that companies in the United States paid close to $209,000,000 in ransoms to global perpetrators. Giving in to these demands seems to be the only way out for companies who find themselves in the throes of a ransomware situation, but paying the ransom has led to those companies information then being shared on the “dark web” as companies willing to pay – along with turnkey ransomware software to complete the job.

If you add in “Zero Day Exploits,” vulnerabilities in computer software programs that leave software and hardware vulnerable to malware attacks, there was plenty of information for companies to digest based on various studies and what was being reported in the news.

Companies and individuals should be aware of what could potentially harm their IT – but they should be more aware of what’s in place to help prevent these digital catastrophes from occurring in the first place.

I/OVision boasts many ways to help small medium sized businesses to fight back against cyber criminals. With I/OVision’s I.T. security assessments and numerous services, finding the right method to maintain cyber security within your business is easy. Talk to one of our representatives to find an affordable solution that works – although, as many businesses have found out recently, regardless of price, you really can’t afford not to be ahead of the curve when it comes to IT Security.

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