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Business I.T. Solutions for Staying Safe Online

A growing concern for today’s businesses is online security and the very security of their business I.T. services. Security threats are becoming more sophisticated and plentiful every day, costing businesses more than ever as a result. Considering this, the best defense that any company working online in any capacity has is working with experienced managed services providers who can provide efficient and secure business I.T. solutions. Along with appropriate, companies should also practice the following simple, yet essential safety practices to reduce security threats and the likelihood of becoming a victim of some type of malware.

Avoid Opening Strange-Looking Emails

Email is one of the main ways that security breaches happen; someone opens an infected email that then downloads a program onto that computer or network. To stay safe, it is essential to use common sense and a bit of suspicion when opening emails or clicking included links. Ensure that email programs have active malware scans as part of business IT solutions. Learn to distinguish official emails from phishing scams and other official-looking emails designed to gather account information or download malware.

Avoid Clicking Strange Looking Links

Similarly, learn to recognize official website links and avoid clicking on those that appear suspect, fake, or lead to unknown or questionable websites. Pay attention when internet browsers alert that a website is suspicious and avoid going to an unknown site that could download malicious software. Use pop-up blockers and avoid clicking any suspicious links or unexplained email from known sources that has a strange title, as this could mean that source’s email account has been hacked.

Learn to Make Great Passwords

Passwords get hacked every day, so creating a strong password is essential to reduce the chance of that happening; however, creating a safe password can be challenging. Passwords that contain names, dates, and other personal information are easy to hack and should be avoided. Include instead more random characters and symbols, or words that are less likely to be guessed. Longer passwords are better and more difficult to crack. Learn about safe password creation, and switch passwords frequently.

Create a Company Internet Safety Policy

The above simple methods can greatly reduce the chance of security issues for any company only if they are used. It is important for business I.T. services to develop a company-wide policy on safe Internet use and instruct employees on recognizing and avoiding threats.

Have a Reliable Data Recovery Plan In Place

As a last means of protection should security problems arise, every business should have a reliable data backup and recovery plan in place. This should be considered a main and essential part of managed business IT services and involve efficient, continuous data backups to secure off-site locations, as well as the ability to restore data easily and quickly if necessary.

Staying safe in an increasingly unsafe digital world should be a prime concern for all businesses. By implementing the right business IT solutions and creating safe Internet use policies, companies can reduce their risk of malware attacks and other security breaches. To create a secure business IT protection plan, companies should discuss IT security with their business IT services provider.

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