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A Review of Windows 10 Since Launch

Last July, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 and a different way of providing Windows service to its customers. Although there were some concerns over this upgrade, initial reviews of the program itself have been favorable. Since it was marketed as free to certain users, the initial response from many computer consultants was to wait and see how well users did accept this latest Windows upgrade. So six months later, how is Microsoft doing with Windows 10? Reviews are definitely on the positive side, although there are still users who are delaying to upgrade to remain in better control of their computer services.

Windows 10 - Who Likes It?

The latest statistics reported as of January 2016 that Windows 10 had a market share of nearly 12%, a large increase from December’s figures of 9.96%. Interestingly, Windows 7 in the same report showed a market share of just over 52%. So exactly which users have jumped on the upgrade bandwagon? According to many computer consultants, those converting include many Windows 8 users who were basically unhappy with that version and welcomed the changes made with Windows 10, including a return to the familiar Start Menu, the ability to handle multiple desktops, the Edge browser with improved functionality, and of course its voice assistant Cortana. In addition, anyone upgrading to Windows 10 has a 30-day rollback feature guarantee.

Why Upgrade to Windows 10?

The Windows 10 operating system was designed to improve many problems and complaints Microsoft experienced with Windows 8. It was also done to integrate multiple devices under one operating system. Microsoft has expanded the reach of its O/S in an attempt to get more users to subscribe to a Microsoft account that will work seamlessly from one device to another. It also blends both standard mouse and keyboard usage with touch screen capabilities on those devices so designed. In many ways, Windows 10 has been seen as the improvement needed after the release of Windows 8 that was so poorly received by users.

Why Not Upgrade to Windows 10?

An ironic problem that remains consistent with Windows 10 is that so many users are very happy with the Windows 7 version and see no need to move over to Windows 10 and away from the computer services Windows 7 currently offers. With the comfort and familiarity of Windows 7, there are many users with no desire to upgrade to touch screen functions and the other new features. So it may indeed take longer to see significant numbers convert from the Windows 7 version. With some concerns about privacy and a possible move to a subscription-based service, Microsoft may have to wait a little longer before larger numbers move over to the Windows 10 version. Part of the problem is because many Windows 7 users already have iPhones and iPads, so having an O/S to stream across Microsoft devices isn’t a big deal.

What does this mean to the two sides of the upgrade issue? According to most computer consultants, not a whole lot right now. Microsoft plans to continue marketing Windows 10 and offer attractive incentives to upgrade. Thankfully, for those still trying to decide what changes to make with their managed computer services, there is time to let Windows 10 unfold a little more before upgrading. Microsoft will be supporting Windows 7 until 2020 and Windows 8 until 2023. There is adequate time to make a decision – but not too long, as the offer to upgrade without any charge only extends to the one-year anniversary date of the original July release. With a 30-day rollback guarantee, now may be the right time to upgrade to Windows 10 and its many useful features!

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