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Cyber Security Threats in 2016

Current Threats to Data Security

As a greater emphasis is placed on storing and maintaining important data, the amount of risk surrounding its security has also multiplied. While proper data management can help a business excel, sensitive information can make any organization a target. The digital age has brought about new possibilities for commerce, communication, and data analysis. Doing so has also created new risks.

Cyber threats are a bigger hazard than ever before. Phishing and ransomware pose a serious threat to businesses. Joshua Stophy, a writer for Small Business Trends, notes that 43% of all cyber-attacks target smaller businesses. With more companies storing important financial data, personal customer information, and crucial business documents either on physical storage drives or cloud platforms, it is risky not to have proper security solutions in place. Here are a few of the biggest cyber security threats in 2016.

#1. Ransomware Can Cost You Your Data & Resources

Some malicious software is designed to hold your company hostage. Ransomware can cause you to lose access to your data unless you fulfill certain conditions. When you lose access to pertinent data, it can cause your business to suffer greatly. The resulting cleanup can cause severe losses to businesses where it counts most – their finances.

In trying to circumvent the issue, things can become expensive quickly. Recovery costs, system re-hauls, and even legal liabilities can eat up your resources, leaving you with little room to grow.

#2. Data Phishing Can Hurt Your Reputation

It’s true that poor data security can end up costing you money as a business owner. But when you lose out on pertinent data, it can do more than hurt your bottom line. If your system’s security is compromised, your information and that of others could be at risk. This could cause you to lose out on:

  • New Customers
  • Existing Clients
  • Corporate Relationships

These severed connections are the result of a damaged brand, which can quickly become an irreversible reality if your data is compromised.

 Keeping Yourself and Your Business Protected

You need to be able to store data and feel secure in knowing it is safe. I/O Vision has created reliable security solutions that have protected complex systems from serious cyber threats.

Don’t risk having your data breached - contact I/O Vision today to find out more!

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Is your organization ready to enhance its employee productivity?

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