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Data Recovery Services

Necessary Steps for Business Continuity!

Critical data loss is one of the most serious and likely risks that today’s IT-dependent businesses face. For businesses that rely on their IT, data loss is much more than an inconvenience; it can cause operations to cease altogether. Having the right data recovery services is essential in an attempt to reduce losses caused by these events. The best defense that any business has to survive data loss is working with experienced computer services to have the best data recovery plan in place.

Data Protection - Much More Than Backup

The first step in protecting business data is regular backup; however, backup alone is only a small part of this equation. A proper data backup that preserves information in the right way and keeps it available in case some type of catastrophic system loss were to occur is essential. Today’s data backup and storage solutions are much more complex than they used to be. This helps ensure that data is always preserved, protected, and accessible in the event a loss occurs. Yet a data backup is far from the only concern when it comes to data disaster recovery.

Data Recovery Services and Business Continuity

When a data loss occurs, it is important for a business and their computer services company to have a good plan in place to preserve business continuity while dealing with data recovery. Managed computer services typically do this by using this type of step-by-step process that gathers, protects, and then makes all necessary data accessible in such a way that a company can keep doing business despite loss of onsite data:

  • Identify Critical Data for Storage – The first step in any data recovery plan is to identify the data that is most critical for business operations and ensure that it is backed up and stored in such a way that it can be easily restored in case of data loss.

  • Data Security and Storage – Based on the amount of data that must be stored and business operations, the second step is for a company is to instill a security plan for their data. This should include how to store and access the data and who should have access.

  • Data Accessability and Restoration – When considering storage options, a business must have continuous accessibility to the data so that continuity is not interrupted. With repetitive and mirrored remote storage solutions, a company can continue working while simultaneously recovering stored data to their own servers. The type of mirrored storage used will depend on the type of access required while data restoration is taking place. So a business must understand available options and choose accordingly. There are many questions that must be answered about mirrored storage solutions and how they function in order to choose the best one. Storage over IP (SoIP) is an additional option that a business can consider with their managed computer services provider.

While this is only a basic look at data recovery services, it is important that a company consider business continuity when developing the right data recovery plan with their managed computer services. Today’s computer services allow companies to keep working even after a data disaster, while their important files are being recovered. A suitable data recovery plan that includes the right accessibility can make the difference between hours of downtime and lost business and the ability to continue business as usual!

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