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Data Security in 2016

Part of Business I.T. Services

As a new year begins, it is important for businesses to consider their business IT services in terms of data security, and keeping their company and clients safe. With most businesses now doing at least some business online, and more people sharing their personal information than ever before, a company has the responsibility to keep that information safe with the proper IT services. There are new security threats every day, so each company must evaluate their current level of data security and do what they need to do to keep their information safe.

Data Theft at an All Time High

Considering that almost all businesses use the internet today in order to remain competitive, the amount of data being exchanged over the internet is the highest it has ever been. Customers, vendors, and companies alike are computing more than ever, creating a prime feeding ground for hackers to steal information from the least secure sites. A website can now be accessed and used on many different devices. All of this increases the opportunity for a website to be hacked, and its data stolen. There is more data, and more data access points that need to be protected, than ever before. Over 50 percent of all data breaches involve the theft of personal data from networks that are not secure enough to prevent this from occurring. This is a fact that every business must recognize, and use as their motivation to be well protected by the right IT services.

Importance of Business Data Security

The obvious risk for data theft by hackers is the personal and financial information stored on a computer system. Although there is a less obvious, but equally important threat – the damage data theft can cost a business in terms of damaged reputation, and all the problems associated with this. Trust and reputation are an essential part of a successful business, and building brand loyalty. When customers and even vendors feel they cannot trust the companies they deal with to take necessary steps to protect financial and other vital, private information with the proper business IT services, brand loyalty goes down, along with a company’s sales and its competitiveness.

Making Data Security Part of Business I.T.

Today, trying to protect a business with the standard means of preventing security breaches is not enough. With as many access points as most business websites have, and the continual development of methods hackers can use to breach these access points, companies need to think broader in terms of protecting their data and the prevention of security breaches. Businesses need to have the mindset that a security breach will happen eventually, so having ways to store and protect what is on the other side of those initial protective walls is key.

By utilizing methods such as authentication, encryption, and other means of managing data and keeping it secure, even if it is stolen, companies can protect themselves – even if their first line of defense fails. Having a reliable means of doing a complete data backup makes restoring damaged data possible. By using these methods, companies will have the best protection possible, and can continue doing business without any downtime, or loss in trust from clients and vendors for not having protected vital data well enough.

As the amount of data stored on the web and in the cloud continues to increase, companies are at even more risk for becoming victims of a data security breach. Therefore, where data protection and loss prevention are concerned, IT services are changing. The best business IT services must be able to provide the necessary security and protection essential for every company to ward off an attack, and keep them ahead in the business world!

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