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How Free Will Windows 10 Remain to Windows 7 and 8 Users?

People love getting things for free; however, a complimentary offer may not always as free as it seems. Such is the dilemma that has occurred with regard to Microsoft and the release of its Windows 10. Many users who rely on Windows as part of their IT services have been left to wonder what they should do about this upgrade.

This is a great question, considering the argument that many business IT management professionals are posing about the true intent of offering a free Windows 10 version. It is important to carefully consider the pros and cons of how upgrading could potentially affect operations, any current IT support, and future available IT support and solution.

Big Announcements from Microsoft

Recently, Microsoft announced two important changes for all Windows users. The upcoming release of Windows 10 is here and current users running Windows 7 or 8.1 would be able to upgrade for free.

Windows 10 would be the last numbered upgrade of the OS; beyond 10, the OS will simply be called Windows and will automatically upgrade itself as necessary.

On the surface, both of these revelations seem beneficial to a business using Windows; however, there are important things to consider before blindly upgrading only because Microsoft has presented an upgrade.

Winsows 10 for Free - Or Is It?

The main question about this free upgrade to Windows 10 is whether Microsoft is moving towards a paid Windows OS subscription service. Based on the ways Windows 10 is being promoted and how Microsoft in the past has cut off upgrades for previous versions, it is a reasonable assumption to make. Those who do upgrade have been told that this version of the OS will be free for one ear, after which they may require a subscription to continue receiving support and upgrades.

Microsoft has not responded to questions about any future payment plans once upgrading to Windows is complete and if consumers will then incur a monthly payment for further upgrades and support. As a side issue, one area of concern that has been raised is whether upgrading to Windows 10 will allow for the collection of anonymous data by default via this upgraded version of the OS.

Necessity to Upgrade

In terms of business IT management and having the best overall IT services, this Windows issue is significant because upgrading is important. Such action allows a business to continue functioning the same as the rest of the Windows-using world and receive important IT support and solutions, including patches, bug fixes, and technical support. By refusing to upgrade, a user essentially agrees to continue alone, without the support Microsoft provides for its products once it hits End of Life; this can eventually affect any business.

A company could be out of compliance regarding security features if relying on unsupported OS versions, such as was the case with the recent discontinuation of support for Windows Server 2003. Essentially, a company that depends on Windows will be forced to either upgrade and pay any potential subscription fees – or face the penalties associated with not upgrading.

With no concrete answers yet available regarding whether Microsoft will continue to deliver free upgrades to users who upgrade to Windows 10, the only recourse for now is to carefully watch and wait. A company must understand how these changes could affect their IT services and support from Microsoft, before feeling pressured to make a decision. If your company is unsure of how these changes could affect its business IT management, discuss the matter with an experienced IT support and solutions company that can help you determine how to handle these anticipated changes. Is upgrading to Windows 10 worth the risk? Let an experienced IT company help you decide whether upgrading or waiting would be your best choice!

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