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How Has Cloud Changed The Game For Business?

When the internet hit the business world almost 2 decades ago it enabled the decentralization of the workforce. People could - technically speaking - work from anywhere. File sharing quickly changed from tangible papers to digital. When this happened the issue of access simultaneously became easier and infinitely more complex.

One of the biggest ways that cloud computing has changed how people do business involves online collaboration. Entire teams have become accustomed to having access to the same files; some of them spanning the globe.

Online collaboration provides the opportunity for multiple participants to access, revise and comment on stored documents in real time. Over the years, platforms of this type have been used for client presentations, quarterly earnings meetings, major announcements to the press, and even new customer orientation classes. The key is the use of a collaboration platform that possesses a few essential qualities. Here are some features that are included in the best platforms.

Key Elements of a Good Collaboration Platform for a Business

Collaboration Platforms Must Be Compatible With Multiple Devices

The better collaboration platforms on the market today can be used with just about any device with Internet capability. Gone are the days when only certain operating systems were supported, or participants were limited to using desktop computers. Platforms today work equally well on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. That makes participation in the meeting possible from just about anywhere.

Simple Access Procedures & Clearance Levels

While security is a concern, making sure that everyone invited to an event can access relevant information without difficulty is crucial. The last thing that a board of directors needs is for a major investor to have difficulty accessing a cloud-based earnings report during a meeting. The best platforms have secure but simple processes that make it possible to enter the meeting without having to go through more than three or four steps.

Document Sharing Made Easy

Making sure documents can be viewed by everyone without having to download special software is a must. The best platforms make it possible to clearly see and search any document that the meeting organizer chooses to share with the group.

Along with a moderator being able to share documents with the participants, many platforms also allow others to upload documents and share them with the moderator’s approval. That can be especially helpful when the plan is to incorporate ideas found in documents that the moderator may not be able to access readily.

Flexible Group Editing Permissions

Collaboration can often mean people coming together in a cloud environment to work on a proposal, a sales document, or a paper. In this environment, there must be tools that allow each party to provide edits in real time. The best platforms provide tools for users to signal to the moderator that they want to edit a section of the document. The moderator provides temporary (or permanent) editing capabilities to the user, then may or may not revoke them once the edits are finished.

Solid Security Measures

Security is essential when the subject matter of the meeting is of a proprietary nature. The best platforms allow moderators to lock the content and share it with a custom-selected set of contributors. Whether you’re hosting documentation on your own cloud server or relying on a third party solution provider it’s important to understand and review the security policies and tools they have in place to make sure that the only audience with access to your files is the one that you intended.

The right collaboration platform minimizes travel expenses, makes it possible to work on projects without delays, and saves companies money in the long run. Make sure the platform has all of these properties, and taking care of essential tasks will be much more efficient.

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