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Improve Your Business Productivity with VoIP Phone Services

As business computing takes to the cloud, another important component for owners and managers to consider for IT and phone services is VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides companies with much greater function and convenience or less money than traditional phone services. It fits seamlessly into business IT and cloud networking plans. More now than ever, companies are adopting VoIP as part of their business resources for the many important benefits it offers, as shown below.

  • Cost Effective – Between the number of features available with VoIP phone services, and the way it slashes long distance and international phone call costs, VoIP is much more cost effective than classic phone service. It also alleviates the need for expensive equipment upgrades and repairs, hard wiring for phone service, and the extra charges that traditional phone services charge for some of the many, useful additional features that come standard with VoIP.

  • Features – Unlike conventional phone services, which charge extra for every feature, most VoIP phone services packages include many extras at no additional cost. Some of those extras include call forwarding, call waiting, and call blocking, as well as “music-on-hold,” which is very important to retain calls placed on hold.

  • Unlimited Phone Lines and Extensions – With VoIP-enabled PBX (Private Branch Exchange), companies have the benefit of incoming unlimited calls to the same number answerable by a variety of people. The big perk with this is that callers don’t get a busy signal and always ring through for someone to pick up the call. This is a very positive feature for call centers and companies with many incoming calls, allowing them to better serve customers and improve approval ratings. Similarly, VoIP phone services also allow for the easy addition and removal of line extensions, so calls go where needed by simply programming the system.

  • Conference Calling – One of the main features for using VoIP phone services is conference calling capabilities. This feature is probably helped make VoIP phone services increasingly popular. VoIP services allow for seamless, low-cost conference calling without the need to use an independent service as a middleman. It allows callers to participate on any device, whether in the office or on the go, and is much more secure than conference calling through a third-party service.

  • Go-Anywhere Capability – VoIP can be installed and used on any device, making conference calling and other calls possible, whether in the office or on the road. By connecting to any data connection, mobile users can access VoIP services and make necessary calls while out of the office, increasing job efficiency and decreasing communications costs.

VoIP services are an effective solution for both small and large businesses to achieve necessary function in the most cost-effective way. It provides the important phone services small companies need to continue growing, and the capacity and operation large companies need to smoothly handle all their business operations. When integrated into a company’s managed IT plan, VoIP phone services make doing business easier, more efficient, and more profitable than ever!

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