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Internet Security

Is Top Management Prepared for a Crisis?

Internet security is a prime concern for all users, especially businesses. With the changing landscape of a company’s need to function online in a variety of ways, the risk of a security crisis is real and requires good malware security and spyware protection. Data security, and a reliable plan to prevent a security crisis, is a necessity for every business; it is something top management must recognize. Upper level employees, who have the power to decide how to protect companies from security breaches, must truly understand the risks that exist and what protective measures should be taken to eliminate such risks.

Varying Rick Perception

It is possible to perceive that almost everyone has the same view on something as important as the need for internet security; however, that would be a false assumption. Business studies done on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) reveal that business executives and top management do acknowledge the need for protection against risk; however, their perspective on which risks rank higher and need more attention vary, based on the actual function each executive has within their company. The result is a lack of company-wide agreement on the true significance of data security, which causes disagreement on the efforts and funds allocated for this purpose.

Higher LEvel Management Sees Fewer Actual Risks

An interesting yet potentially dangerous detail that has been noted from these studies is that the higher the management level, the fewer risks are actually perceived. Based on differing perspectives concerning risk, CEO’s and board directors tend to believe their businesses are operating in a much safer online environment than is actually the case. Due to limited exposure to actual day-to-day functions that occur within a business, many top management officials rank concerns such as cybersecurity much lower than the actual risk. In many cases, a security breach occurs in a company functioning under these exact circumstances, where upper management was not educated to the true risks faced in a daily work environment.

Collective Understanding and Agreement

Cybersecurity involves more than installing malware or spyware protection software. Security risks should be addressed with a strategic plan to protect data security within the entire company. Before this can happen, a business must determine their actual risk and then inform all upper management personnel about these known facts. With such an approach, all concerned should completely understood that their business systems are at a greater risk than otherwise assumed. The differing opinions on security risks and their causation must be discussed, as well as any related statistical information about the true cost of a security leak to a company that can range from lost business and reputation, to lawsuits and more.

Efforts must be made to get all levels of management in agreement about cybersecurity and risk, so that the right security protocol can be developed and used for the entire company. Periodic briefings on cybersecurity concerns, as well as how the company is managing possible risks, must be done on a regular basis so all management personnel are well-informed about both internal and external internet security risks.

The important thing to remember is that data security is one of the highest priorities for every business; however, research on ERM finds that different management levels do not similarly perceive all cyber risks. Because of this, internet security frequently takes a back seat to other company concerns. A business needs strategic, company-wide planning for malware protection, spyware protection, and other significant cybersecurity threats, beginning with acceptance of such risks by top management officials!

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