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Managed Services

From Break-Fix to Prevention!

Managed IT services is an idea that has slowly evolved over the past decade or so, moving from a “break-fix” mentality to a prevention one. Before so many businesses depended on IT, managed services were unheard of and most companies simply dealt with any technology issues as they arose. Yet with the advance of computer technology and today’s reliance on smooth running computer systems, this approach is no longer acceptable or profitable, even for smaller companies.

Break-Fix Services in a Growing computer Age

Computers and other types of business technology have become essential to companies of all sizes today; however, it was not always this way. Large companies with large budgets for technology typically had the best, most advanced IT. As more small companies began to utilize business technology, the need to provide good computer services, including managed IT services, grew with that demand. Initially, these type of managed services were usually contracted on an as-needed basis and only when something broke, hence the “break-fix” way of dealing with computers. It was not the most ideal solution and data loss problems were common; based on the technology available at the time, it was the best management option that most small businesses had available.

Large companies and Managed I.T.

While smaller businesses were going along with their break-fix approach to keep the company computers running, most Fortune 500 companies had already determined that this break-fix intellect escalated their risks. It is these companies, the ones that could afford it, who originally began setting up their own IT departments to manage their huge computer networks. It did not take long to understand that loss prevention required pre-planning, and there was no better means of protecting their computer networks than with preventive maintenance and managed IT services.

Backup Issues and Data Loss Spur Innovation

As computer use and technology began to grow and with this growth came the reliance on business IT, it quickly became obvious that the break-fix method was actually costing businesses money, not saving it. Data loss and unreliable backup issues have always been a driving force in the search for better technology and tech maintenance. It was this idea, along with drastically lower prices of improving technology, which eventually led to the evolution of managed IT services for smaller businesses as well. At this critical point around the mid-2000’s, business IT took an important step, moving from the break-fix state of affairs to managed services, with computer services finally becoming the first managed IT services.

It is more affordable now than ever for small businesses to prevent IT problems through the use of managed IT services. Managed services allow companies to keep their IT running smoothly, preventing interruptions in productivity and expensive data and equipment loss. By contracting with experienced managed IT services to protect their data, companies can avoid the costly break-fix cycle, saving much more money in the long run!

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