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Protect Your Business with Data Backup Best Practices

When many small businesses think about IT, their first concerns are how to affordably secure their network and how to install, maintain, and update the software they require. These are very important concerns indeed, but there is another important key to an effective IT solution for small businesses that is often overlooked: data backup. The fact is that businesses are relying ever more on their digital infrastructure, which means that there is a great deal of data that needs to be backed up.

Protect Your Business with Data Backup Best Practices

Why is data backup important?

Though technology never ceases to advance and improve, computers can still be a hazard when it comes to protecting data. This is because a technology failure can end up wiping everything on a computer, and if a copy of the information wasn’t saved anywhere else then it will be gone forever. Data loss can result in major business problems including loss of revenue, loss of reputation, and loss of business, all of which can ruin a small business.

The key to avoiding these issues is to stop taking risks with crucial data and put a secure digital backup system in place. Data backup can be a challenge for small to midsize businesses because they don’t have the same budget or dedicated IT departments as larger corporations. However, with the right backup practices in place, small businesses can keep complications due to data loss to a minimum.

The best practice is to have a comprehensive solution at hand

IT solutions can be very technical and involved, and data backups are no different. That being said, there are some basic practices for preserving and protecting data that will keep your business running as smoothly as possible in the event of catastrophe. These include:

  • Frequent backups – the best way to ensure that you don’t lose any data is to create frequent backups. The most important data should be updated as often as once an hour, while less crucial data can be backed up once every 24 hours.
  • Store backups remotely – backing up data can only help so much if it is store don’t the same server as the original data, or even in the same building. The best way is to store data remotely, off-site. Cloud services can be very helpful.
  • Encrypt and secure backups – backing up your data offsite is a good way to protect it, but this can expose it to greater security risks because it is outside of your own firewall. You can help fight this complication by encrypting your backups.
  • Use multiple backup solutions – creating multiple backups of your data can reduce the risk that a massive technology failure will wipe out your information. Smart businesses use a multi-layered backup solution, or solutions.

A robust backup solution like I.T. Rescue is an excellent resource

With the many concerns a small business has to contend with, data backup can easily fall by the wayside until disaster strikes. Rather than shouldering the burden of designing your own solution, or ignoring the issue until it’s too late, you can outsource the issue and take advantage of the industry’s most reliable backup and disaster recovery solution to date: I.T. Rescue.

I.T. Rescue can back up your business’s data in nearly real-time, and it can help you get back up and running after a computer disaster in mere hours. In some cases, full server restoration can happen in as few as 20 minutes. Get the best data backup solution for your business and leave your crucial IT concerns to the experts so you can focus on your business.

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