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Tips to Select the Right Business Internet Phone Service

Choosing the right phone services is important for businesses considering the many options now available. A system must provide the necessary functions and features, although cost is always a factor. As Internet phone services are improving and becoming more reliable, many companies can get a lot more for their money by switching to VoIP phone service. Yet every company’s needs are different, so the tips that follow can help a business in making the right choice for them.

Landlines or VoIP?

Voice over IP (VoIP) is becoming a popular alternative to land phone lines, for many good reasons. The big question that usually remains is whether or not a company should make the switch to VoIP or stick with the tried and true. There is really no reason why any company needs to stay with their landline service other than the convenience of keeping with something that people already know how to use. Although in many cases, the advantages of switching to VoIP greatly outweigh staying with land phone services, growing companies could benefit from a more feature-full phone service.

VoIP - Options to Consider

There is no longer any doubt, VoIP phone services are much more economical for a business, especially considering the function that Internet phone services offer over landline services. When making this choice, consider the many features that VoIP can provide that could be useful and even cost-effective, such as conference and video calling, voice to email, unlimited phone numbers, and more. Before signing up for Internet phone services, there are a few important options to consider:

  • Cloud-Hosted VoIP – Phone technology and hardware is owned and provided by the service provider. This is cost-effective, easier, and more convenient to use. The main drawback is if the host’s service goes down, their customers must wait until that host repairs the problem.
  • Self-Hosted VoIP – Reduces the concern over a host’s service going down, then puts the burden of remedying problems to get phones up and running onto the business. Also, there is the cost of the equipment and its maintenance.

What Are Company Needs?

It is essential for a business to assess its phone system needs and then determine whether land or VoIP, cloud or self-hosted, can best serve those needs. One important factor to consider when deciding on phone services is company growth and/or the need for flexibility and ease of programming, such as the addition and removal of phone lines as necessary, and utilizing Internet phone services to help track advertising campaigns. Mobile reliability and a service provider’s track record, the quality of their equipment, how easily a system can be integrated with current IT services, and maintenance and upgrade needs should also be considered.

Additionally, businesses must think about security and be aware of whether encryption and other security methods are included or need to be added to a service. Actual needs go far beyond phone system features. All of these things must be considered and compared when choosing between available phone systems.

Regardless of whether a company stays with landline phone services or decides to take advantage of the many benefits that Internet phone services can offer, discuss plans and features with managed services providers who can advise on the best system to meet a company’s needs. IT services providers that work with various phone systems can help their customers get the best value and function for their money. They can help a business choose the best service to integrate into their current managed IT services!

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