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What Are the Typical IT Challenges Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Face Today?

Common Challenges of Growing Businesses in the Area of IT

Every business has its own obstacles to overcome on the road to success. In a competitive market, small and mid-sized companies must understand the issues facing their organization and work to generate a sustainable advantage over their competitors. When it comes to IT, CIOs can’t afford to fail.

Genia Stevens, a writer for Business, notes that failing data security can be devastating for small businesses. With so many hardware devices to manage data sharing, as well as the increased amount of digital information to keep secure, IT isn’t an easy function to master. The fact is that small and mid-sized businesses must learn to manage these important objectives so they can gain an advantage over their competition. In order to accomplish this, you should understand the typical challenges posed in the field of IT.

#1. Managing IT on Different Hardware and Software

From various types of devices to multiple browsers, there are plenty of different platforms that a small or mid-sized business may rely on during expansion. The way these devices send, receive, and store data is unique, which means that having knowledge of each of their functions is vital to success. These differences can include:

  • Privacy Settings
  • Storage Methods
  • Firewalls and Other Security Measures

A small to mid-sized business may be dealing with a lot of responsibilities amidst limited resources. Achieving optimal IT security in all areas then becomes difficult.

#2. Keeping Data Secure from Malicious Individuals

Being able to store, maintain, and analyze data can present many benefits for businesses. It allows you to acquire more clients and can provide exact analytics to understand how your business is performing. At the same time, having all of this data to store also means that it is at risk of being intercepted by unauthorized parties. Data security is one of the most complex challenges that any type of growing business must deal with.

#3. Backing Up Data in the Event of Loss

Even if your systems are safe from malicious attackers, there is still the possibility that a hardware failure or software crash could put you at risk. When you have pertinent financial data, important customer information, and crucial client records to keep track of, you can’t run the risk of these things becoming compromised or lost.

Small to mid-sized businesses often put so much work into setting up systems that can meet basic IT needs that they forget about backing up their data in the event of a loss.

Get Your IT Needs Taken Care Of

When you choose to manage your IT needs with the experts, you ensure your company won’t be at risk. We offer backup and disaster recovery as well as data security solutions - and we support a variety of devices! To find out more, contact I/O Vision today!

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