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What Type of Data Are Cyber Criminals Looking to Steal from You?


It seems that almost every day, there’s another high-profile hack or cyber security breach that people need to be aware of. As the internet becomes increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives (smart home monitoring, cloud-based data storage, building automation systems, etc.) any threat to that infrastructure due to hacking, theft, and the addition of malicious software by cybercriminals can lead to personal and professional disaster.

What Do Hackers Gain From This Activity?

Cybercriminals are looking for any personal information they can use to gain entry to financial records and accounts. They also trade this personal information, information as simple as email addresses, to various buyers who will use the data to make money as:

  • Identity thieves
  • Spammers
  • Organized crime rings

Although it may not sound like much, an email address can be valuable to hackers. By sending an innocent-looking email from a source people trust, experts can grab an extensive amount of information and use it for their gain.

Dangers of Cybercrime

When cybercrime leads to identity theft, it can destroy an individual’s credit history, ruin a company’s business, and leak sensitive information about government organizations. Cybercriminals are completely indiscriminate. Regardless of where you live or where your business operates, all they seek is a vulnerability to exploit - vulnerabilities that you can definitely avoid.

How to Stay Safe Online

While the basics of staying protected apply, the best way for businesses to stay ahead of cybercriminals is to have fail-safe protection in place. Have your I.T. infrastructure secured by a company with an extensive track record of keeping businesses safe. Also, a backup/disaster recovery plan is a must. With the sophistication of nefarious online activity, some evolving tactics may be able to penetrate a network.

As you seek to better safeguard your business, remember that IO Vision has the tools you need to thwart cybercriminals in their tracks.

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Is your organization ready to enhance its employee productivity?

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