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When Computers Crash

Call Data Recovery Services

Catastrophic data loss may be one of the most disastrous and detrimental things that could happen to a business. When computer systems crash, loss of vital business information, such as financial and customer data, can cause massive problems for a company. Unfortunately, many businesses are at a high risk for such a loss because they do not have the right computer services in place that include reliable data recovery services. Unfortunately, many companies often learn the hard way that their business information is not properly protected; however, there is an easy solution – a good data recovery plan.

Understanding the Risks

Most information stored on business computers is irreplaceable. Catastrophic data loss is responsible for great financial loss as well as the loss of a company’s status within its industry, which could decrease its customer base and reputation. Such businesses could suffer so significantly that there are forced to stop operations – permanently. Whether data loss is due to hardware failure, malware attack, power surge, or natural disaster, any company can experience this destruction at any time. The only way to survive something of this magnitude is by preparing ahead of time with the right data recovery services.

Why Backing Up is Not Enough

In the past, most companies handled data risk by performing a regular, manual backup of their computer system to an external media source, which was then removed from the premises. This was by no means a foolproof method; however, it was the only option at the time. More reliable methods have become standard, not just system backups but complete disaster recovery as well. Yet many companies still rely on older methods of data back-up, leaving them at a significant risk of data loss due because of incomplete or missed backups. It also makes a company dependent on having qualified computer services personnel available at all times to perform a backup.

Although a manual backup does save most of a company’s vital data, it does not usually save any programs This creates additional problems should the entire system be damaged or destroyed. Restoring data requires the right operating system and programs. If that software is not readily available, the saved data is worthless.

The Need for complete Data Recovery Services

Even though backups are a part of data recovery services, much more is involved than routine backups. Data recovery services take the guesswork out of ensuring backups are both done correctly. Backups are scheduled to occur automatically and frequently; data is saved redundantly to multiple locations. Backed up data not only includes data created or entered by employees; it also includes programs required to utilize that data. Most importantly, data is saved so there is an easy means of extraction, if necessary, to restore a computer system. Critical information can be restored in minutes or hours, with the aid of down-loadable recovery applications.

With frequent backup of all data and programs on a company server, redundant storage on multiple secure external servers, and easy system restoration, it is nearly impossible for a company to suffer a catastrophic data loss. Even if hardware is completely destroyed, all programs and company information can be safely uploaded to a new system so business can again resume.

Perceptive companies understand the value of irreplaceable business data and the essential need to have a good recovery plan to protect that information. By contracting the right computer services who have a plan that includes complete data recovery services, a company can ensure being able to recover from any data disaster they may experience. With the right data recovery plan in place, a company can be back to business as usual in no time after suffering from a computer crash!

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