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Why ERP Platforms Must Become More User Responsive

With the speed at which business technology is improving, ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is becoming more critical every day. Today’s ERP is entering a whole new world, with the advent and growth of cloud computing. It is more than just business accounting software and other business applications, making business and customer service easier than ever. Cloud technology has not been embraced by many companies as it has evolved and improved. With ERP moving into the future with business and accounting systems, companies must take a closer look at their current IT services and make that necessary change.

Importance of ERP for Businesses

Utilizing the best IT to efficiently serve a company and its customers is more essential than ever. This is largely due to the way both the public and businesses are online more than ever before. This makes streamlined, on-demand customer service and business function the expectation, not the exception. A company that continues to rely on what has now become obsolete administration and accounting software, risks losing business to those that have embraced new platforms with ERP. To be competitive, any company that appreciates the importance of providing the best customer service must make it as easy and efficient as possible.

Today's Changing Business Technology

In the past, an IT budget and development efforts were spent on designing a custom business infrastructure that handled all functions. This also required the adoption of specific administration habits to fit the capabilities of unique business and accounting software packages. Coding was time-consuming and cumbersome at best. The IT functions of an entire company required distinct “monolithic” business suites, designed to do a little of everything, without the actual capability to do any of it very well.

With a greater focus on user function, speed, and accessibility, enterprise resources have progressed with the rest of today’s application-based, super-accessible computer technology, leaving those custom business software systems behind. Today’s business function comes in the form of individual applications for specific tasks and greater accessibility. All of this increases efficiency and provides a business the ability to run required applications whenever and wherever necessary, along with necessary functions, security, and sharing features.

Moving from Monolithic to Modern Technology

Changing from custom administration and business accounting software packages to today’s stand-alone applications is not something a company can likely do overnight; however, it can be achieved in steps. Tech experts developing the most modern administration and accounting software, estimate it will take a company years to completely implement all the changes. Even so, taking the first step is the most important action.

ERP planning for tomorrow involves analyzing what business services are necessary and what applications are available to provide those services, then transferring activities to those applications. The challenge of moving from old technology to new involves the limitations caused by a closed system and determining the best ways to extract data to upload to a new application. This process takes time, which can be made easier by working with IT services that are skilled in today’s business technology and how to solve this problem.

For a company that relies on business administration and accounting systems, it is essential to update these functions to keep up with the rest of the business world. Marketing, social, administration, customer service, and all other business functions must be more accessible and user-friendly to enable a business to compete with those companies that are improving by changing their business function. The need to reinvent the wheel, in terms of custom accounting software and other business applications, has long passed. Today’s ERP planning must be focused on implementing easy-to-use, independent applications that work together, providing better service all the way around!

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