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You Need to be Protected from the Locky Ransomware

Ransomware is malicious software that embeds itself on a user’s computer, encrypting the data and demanding that a fee be paid for an encryption key. Recently, a new ransomware threat called ‘Locky’ has been identified and is rapidly spreading in a very short amount of time. A large number of systems have been affected thus far, which illustrates the critical need for ransomware protection for all computers. Using safe internet practices is the best way for a business to avoid falling victim to Locky. In addition, the protection afforded by using informed internet security services can help avoid becoming yet another casualty of Locky or any other ransomware.

A Newer Version of CryptoLocker

An updated version of the dangerous CryptoLocker ransomware was identified on February 16, 2016. It began spreading very quickly as its creators aggressively pushed to infect as many computers as possible. When Locky is allowed to download and infect a system, it proceeds to encrypt the data on that computer, then demands a ransom in exchange for an encryption key. Unfortunately, most victims never get their data back, even if they do pay the ransom.

How Locky is Quickly Spreading

Locky has been aggressively spread via various email campaigns within only a few days of it being discovered. The attack campaigns present themselves as emails containing information about financial documents or invoices and contain what looks to be a Microsoft Word attachment. Many of these emails contain a subject title that reads “ATTN: Invoice J-[RANDOM NUMBERS].” Others are known to use the subject “Tracking Documents.” If the person who has received this email clicks on the attachment, the ransomware installs itself on their system and encrypts it.

Locky is Highly Damaging

Like other ransomware, Locky has the potential to be very damaging to any exposed systems that do not have active ransomware protection running. Symantec, makers of Norton AntiVirus, report that their software blocked over five million emails containing this program in the first two days after it was identified. Despite this effort, there are still many systems falling prey to this malicious software. This malware is thought to be especially dangerous because of just how quickly it has spread. This has proven to be a problem for computers that are not well protected or haven’t recently updated their antivirus programs.

Protecting Against Ransomware

Malicious programs like Locky and other ransomware and viruses require that a company or individual use a comprehensive approach to their system protection. This is initiated by having a clear understanding of what threats could be faced, how they are likely to present themselves, then having the proper email and antivirus protection. Unfortunately, many businesses either do not have the right protection, or may not be properly updating their network security, leaving the door wide open to threats such as Locky.

Because virus and ransomware protection are constantly changing and new threats pop up all the time, every business needs to work with experienced Internet security services providers who work to protect their clients data. Keeping up with all the changes and new threats requires more than just having a program installed on a network. It requires the help of a company that remains updated on the latest threats and can offer the best way to be protected against such viruses and malware. With the assistance of skilled Internet security services, a business can be assured that they have the necessary ransomware protection and not the next victim of the dreaded Locky ransomware!

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