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Helping Toronto Businesses Thrive: 3 Reasons Why I/OVision Loves Toronto

Toronto, the fourth largest city in North America, has a rich history. Its residents pride themselves on times gone by, but they’re especially proud of the growth and progress seen in the city affectionately known to some as Hogtown.

I/OVision shares this pride and is working hard to support Toronto businesses and entrepreneurs in their endeavours.

IT Services I/OVision Provides to Toronto Businesses

I/OVision utilizes award-winning technology to ensure business productivity. We provide the following to Toronto businesses:

  1. Support: I/OVision knows that IT issues don’t always appear during normal business hours. It’s why we are available 24/7! Should anything arise at any time, you can rest assured knowing our team of trained professionals is there to get your business back up and running in no time.
  2. Insight: With the latest productivity tools, businesses can make periodic evaluations, which will help them stay on the cutting edge of their respective markets.
  3. Emergency Assistance: Accidents and disasters happen, but with I/OVisions’s reliable backup and rescue services, Hogtown business owners can rest easy.

3 Reasons Why I/OVision Loves Toronto

I/OVision loves serving the people of Toronto. Here are just 3 reasons why we love Hogtown.

  1. The History
    Recently, Derek Flack of BlogTO.com put together a photo history of Toronto. These photographs from the 1800s on show the growth and personality of this great city. One group of photos shows how the Toronto skyline has changed; eventually embracing modern architecture. Another shows Toronto’s growth through the eyes of various artists. This photo series is a fascinating educational and historical journey.
  2. Things to See, Places to Go
    There is always something interesting, fun and/or exciting to see and do in Hogtown. The Cavalcade of Lights, a festival held annually in November, features live music, fireworks and outdoor ice skating. There’s also the Fantasy Fair at the Woodbine Shopping Centre, the largest indoor amusement park in Toronto, featuring rides, food, games and prizes – fun for the whole family. There are beaches, parks, art galleries and local landmarks that make spending time in Hogtown an enjoyable, entertaining and memorable experience.
  3. The Diversity
    Toronto is home to over 200 different ethnicities, and by 2031 over 28 percent of the population will be foreign-born. This multi-cultural environment makes Toronto an inspiring and beautiful place to live. It is a welcoming city where anyone can thrive.

IT Solutions: Helping Toronto’s Businesses Reach Their Potential

Toronto businesses, and the city itself, have great potential for growth and prosperity. I/OVision is here to help these business flourish now and for years to come.


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